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It's time for a change.

Despite best intentions to use public awareness and education to help reduce drowning rates, for the most part it continues to devastate lives, families and communities each year.

Just as technology solutions have been applied to automobiles, healthcare and home security, we believe it is time to apply technology to reduce the risk of drowning.

Over the past few years, the availability of subminiature wireless devices along with advances in reliable wireless communications technology have enabled several companies to deploy real-time tracking of a variety of assets, including people.

For example, one such technology, called WAVE, determines when a swimmer is at risk of drowning by timing how long the swimmer's face is fully submerged, or if a non-swimmer enters the water. If the swimmer is submerged for a dangerous period of time (e.g. 20s) or if a non-swimmer enters the water, WAVE immediately alerts caregivers so they can investigate and intervene before the event can escalate into a tragedy. 

To learn more about WAVE, please visit the company's website.

You can help.

With your help, we will work with WAVE to deploy their systems in communities throughout the country, particularly those in need that would otherwise not be able to access this incredible new drowning prevention tool. 

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