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About us.

Action To End Drowning was started by a group of people who have experienced the devastation of drowning in their lives in some personal way, and want to together make it possible to make drowning prevention available to everyone. We raise funds to facilitate drowning prevention whether its by increasing awareness and educating or by deploying technological advances in water safety in the neediest, culturally-challenged communities. We aim to stem the tide of drownings everywhere.


We are additionally privileged to have an underwriting partner in WAVE Drowning Detection Systems who has committed 4% of their net proceeds to our mission over the next 10 years which enables us to access their equipment, expertise and assistance in all phases of our efforts to prevent drownings.


We welcome your donations, assistance and partnership whether you are an individual, family foundation, company or drowning coalition who wants to join with us in these efforts.


“Together, We Can Prevent Drowning Before It Happens!”

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